'Em all: they've been caught.
‘Pokemon Go Grandpa’ Now Playing With 72 Smartphone Bike Rig

Remember Pokemon Go grandpa? Of course you do, THE MAN IS A LEGEND. And now he’s upgraded his 45-smartphone rig from last year to this 72-phone peacock-looking mammer jammer. That is a lot of Pokemon Go. That’s so much Pokemon Go it may have actually moved into the realm of Pokemon Went. Did he cut that frame out of an old satellite antennae? How much do you think all those phones are worth? And what happened to the top row, was he robbed? How is he supposed to catch ’em all with only 64 active phones? What is this, amateur hour? You’re gonna miss a ton of Bulbasaurs!

Thanks to my buddy Closet Nerd, who’s no amateur himself when it comes to catching ’em all. I’ve seen it firsthand.