Pool Time At Doggy Daycare

This is a video of a group of dogs at an “enrichment-based dog daycare” located in Trenton, Michigan going for a dip during pool time. *blows lifeguard whistle, wet dogs come running* Woopsie. According to the poster: “Our daycare dogs can go swimming for free twice a week in an indoor, heated, saltwater pool designed specifically for dogs. It is used for group swims, private one-on-one sessions as well as therapy to help older dogs with bad joints or dogs who just had surgery to build their muscle and lose fat. It is a great way to exercise your dog all year round.” Well how about that! For reference, my dogs hate water and hate taking baths or showers, don’t like the sound of the sink or a toilet flushing, and poop inside if it’s raining out. So yeah, pool time might not be for them. They’re more sunbathers.