Oh nice now there's snot all over the arm of my sweatshirt
Prepare To Cry: Dog Recognizes Painting Of Deceased Brother

This is a video of Scotty recognizing his deceased brother in a memorial painting that was hung on the wall of his home. In their caretaker’s own words while whoever’s working the lunch shift at the drive-thru window at Wendy’s wonders why my eyes are so bloodshot:

This is my dog. His name is Scotty. Actually I adopted two dogs in 2014. The other one was Scooby. Scooby passed away on 6th May 2020 due to Canine parvovirus. I miss you Scooby.

There, there *patting on back with golf club while social distancing* just let it all out. Crying is cathartic, and it’s good to have a nice sob session every once in a while, you know? Just every once in a while though, not TOO often. “He cries in the shower at least an hour a day.” Honey! “What?” I thought the shower muffled my sadness.