I've got a whole lot of praying to do after watching that.
Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Finally Gets The Death Metal Cover It Deserves

Note: Keep your volume in check, death metal. Also, the demonic AI visuals (generated from the original video) are definitely going to give me nightmares, so maybe not watch it either.

This is a death metal cover of Rebecca Black’s 2011 banger ‘Friday’ performed by Danny Dodge. Personally, I love ‘Friday’ and listen to it every Friday morning, even though my girlfriend hates it when I do. She hates most things I do though, like putting my feet on the table at restaurants. Hey, if I’m coughing up almost $16 for a steak, I deserve to be comfortable!

Keep going for the video, as well as the original for reference, which I will be revisiting this Friday, and every Friday, until the end of time.