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Russian Man Practicing English Gives Tour Of What His $100/Month Home Looks Like

This is a delightful video of Russian man Dan Sheekoz giving a tour of the $100/month studio (living room is bedroom) home he shares with his wife (~$130 – $160 with all bills depending on summer/winter weather), all while he practices the English he’s learning on Youtube. He mentions at the beginning this is his first English-speaking video, and I think it’s pretty obvious from the very beginning he already has a better grasp of the language than I do. I should just give him my login credentials and let him write borninspace. “Can’t get any worse.” Dan! “Sorry I’ve been reading to learn how not to English.” You rapscallion!

Keep going for the video, really nice courtyard/garden tour at 5:00. Thorough breakdown of expenses at 8:15.