Smooth as silk.
Skateboarding Crashes Replaced With Breakdancing Moves

Note: Songs lyrics used are NSFW.

Because why crash and burn when you can crash and break, this is a series of Youtube videos from Unemployed Jamnapaari of skateboard crashes edited into slick breakdancing moves. Man…I wish every time I’ve fallen it turned into a sweet breakdancing move. ESPECIALLY when I fell on the first day at my new job. Then everybody started calling me Fall Guy, which was finally starting to wane until that Fall Guy video game came out. Now I’m afraid I”m stuck with it, at least until I burn the office down one weekend and, God willing, everyone starts calling me Fire Guy instead. “Or the Stop Flop And Roller.” Don’t even joke about it.

Thanks to ClosetNerd, who agrees 95 cents?! I’ll skate to the beach, and I’ll look better getting there!