Oooh, right through his man-flesh.
‘The Age Of Men Is Over’: LOTR Orcs Talking With Regular Human Voices, Part 2

This is a follow up to Youtuber BurtBots’ October 2020 classic ‘Uruk-Hai With Normal Voices – Meat’s Back on the Menu’, this time with ‘Orcs With Normal Voices – The Age Of Men Is Over’. As with the previous video, I can’t help but feel these aren’t normal human voices, but the sort of character you’d expect to see getting a swirly or atomic wedgie in a coming of age film. “So basically you.” So basically me, it’s just weird because I don’t remember recording these voiceovers.

Keep going for this video, as well as the unbrushed Mouth of Sauron speaking with a regular human voice because it exists and it only took me another twenty seconds to embed, although now I do feel like I deserve a nap.