Bro have you even seen Twister?
Storm Chaser Gets Up Close And Personal Tornado Footage As It Touches Down

Seen here looking like a man who was recently groomed by a tornado, this is a video from ‘extreme storm chaser’Aaron Jayjack of a tornado touching down in Scarth, Manitoba, Canada. Pretty cool footage, but shouldn’t he have filmed himself riding it to Oz? I mean can he even confidently call himself an ‘extreme storm chaser’ since he didn’t? *shaking head* Now I really hate to do this, but all in favor of revoking Aaron’s extreme storm chasing title say ‘Aye’.

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  1. Deksam

    This guy checked off a thing I wanted most on my bucket list… The last thing on my bucket list actually…

  2. Rick Fickes

    You might want to take this video down. I’m from Manitoba, and that particular tornado killed two people.

  3. Megatron Jenkins