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Stunning Image Of The Pillars Of Creation Captured By James Webb Space Telescope

Note: If you’re looking for some bitchin’ desktop backgrounds you can get super high-res versions of the Hubble’s 1995 image HERE, 2004 image HERE, and James Webb’s most recent shot HERE. Now let’s play space rangers!

The Pillars of Creation, made famous by the Hubble Space Telescope’s 1995 and 2004 images (seen above) of three elephant trunks of interstellar gas and dust (where new stars are being born, hence the name) in the Eagle Nebula, was recently revisited by the James Webb Space telescope, and the image (seen below) is nothing if not awe-inspiring. It took my breath away. Sure that may have actually been the stairs, but the image is pretty stunning nonetheless. Although astronomers still should have named it the Space Zombie Hand, just for the record.