Left: champagne and cannabis brand owner. Middle: CEO of the household. Right: Real estate developer.
TikTok Dude Knocks On Mansion Doors, Ask What The Owners Do For A Living

This is a compilation video of TikTok user Aaron Vankampen going around and knocking on mansion doors and asking what the owners do for a living. Some more info while I relax and put my feet on my desk knowing Aaron would probably never make it past the front gate, and certainly not past the alligators or laser turrets:

Answers to his question range from the jokey “flip burgers” to the serious “resource and staff augmentation.” Some people even let him inside for a look-see. One guy gave him champagne and cannabis!

What’s up with all these rich people always answering the door? Don’t they have hired help for that?
I wonder what the actual percentage of people who let him through the gate or answered the door is versus those who didn’t. I mean I didn’t even answer the door when I knew it was UPS bringing my PS5, I just hid beside the window until the truck was around the corner like a normal person.