You're a wizard, Marek!
Tour Of A Massive 1,000,000+ Piece LEGO Hogwarts Castle

Go big or go home: I went home and I have no regrets. Other people, other people have decided to go big. This is a video tour of Czech Republic LEGO builder Marek Mencl’s 1,000,000+ piece LEGO Hogwarts Castle. Just look at that thing! The entire castle takes up an area that’s approximately 5.5-meters by 3.5-meters (18-feet x 11.5-feet), and looks like it would be an absolute blast to play with. So — are you thinking what I’m thinking? “Does it involve you stomping around in a Godzilla costume?” Haha *pointing to phone* I’m on hold with the costume rental company right now. Sounds like I might have to settle for Bigfoot though.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who informed me at the LEGO average of 10.4¢ per brick, this is a $104,000 playset. Holy mackerels!