What The?: Fallen Tree Gushes Water When Cut

Mother Nature: she’s totally wild. I remember one time after a night of drinking we *vine immediately erupts from ground, wraps around leg* no? Not a good story to tell? This is a video of a fallen tree absolutely pouring water when cut with a chainsaw. Some more info while I speculate why Mother Nature wouldn’t want me telling the story about how she made out all hot and heavy with a fake plant at the bar:

“My friend and I were clearing a path to a tree stand. There was a tree that had fell in the pathway. We started to cut the tree up to move it and that’s when it started pouring water. It poured water for about 3-4 minutes.”

Damn, that tree was FULL. For reference, I never drink enough water and am always so dehydrated that if I watch a sad movie I cry actual crystals. I tried making my girlfriend a charm bracelet out of them but she seemed way more disgusted than thankful.