Bombs away!
World Record 13,000 Domino Hexagon Took 52 Days To Build, 5 Seconds To Destroy

This is a video of the world record holder for largest hexagonal domino structure being built by domino maniac Hevesh5, and destroyed with the help of her friend Mikayla and an inflatable chicken on a string. The build took 52 days of not accidentally knocking it over, 35,000 dominos, and the finished product measured 52″ wide by 32″ tall. Now that — that’s hardcore. Clearly, the government needs to hire Hevesh5 as a professional bomb wire-cutter, because she’s got nerves of steel and hands as steady as a surgeon. And not a drunk surgeon like the one that performed my last operation. “I was’t that drunk.” You puked inside me!

Keep going for the video, but the actual destruction isn’t until 7:20.