Use the Force, Pavel.
Fists Of Fury: World Record 334 Full-Arm Extension Punches In One Minute

This is a video of kickboxer Pavel Trussov setting the Guinness World Record for most full-arm extension punches in one minute, with a very respectable 334. He also holds the world record for most full arm extension punches in three minutes, with an equally respectable 919. That is some stamina! For reference, I took a boxing class once and after twenty seconds of punching I was so winded I threw in the towel, took my gloves off, and went to McDonald’s. I still tied the gloves together and hung them over my rearview mirror though since I did have to buy them and want to make it clear to people I’m not to be messed with when I honk at them at red lights.

Keep going for the video, which does include the record keeper with the orange jacket on piercing your soul with her gaze on several occasions.