How big is too big?
An Updated Size Comparison Of Fictional Starships

This is a video from MetaBallStudio comparing the sizes of fictional starships. It’s actually an updated version of the very first comparison video the channel made all the way back in 2015, which feels like a lifetime ago, and may have actually been a lifetime ago if you’re a gerbil. A disclaimer about an apparent mistake:

I made a mistake due to lack of information. Alahenena is actually 7.6km long. Due to inconsistencies in the film, I gave it a size of 1200 km. Sorry for my mistake.

Dangit, I was just about to call him out for that too. I noticed it right away because I have what are known as EAGLE EYES. I also happen to have what’s known as– “Let me guess, a starship penis?” Haha, you know that Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine? “You’ve got Deep Space Ten.” Eleven actually.