"Oh man, that's a good cigar!"
Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents Danny DeVito With Marijuana Laced Cigar

This is a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger presenting Danny DeVito with a marijuana laced cigar at a table read or something for Triplets (the upcoming sequel to Twins, starring the two and Tracey Morgan). Apparently this was in reference to back when they were filming Twins some 35 years ago and DeVito got Schwarzenegger stoned after they shared a cigar Arnold was unaware had marijuana in it. Now I’m not sure if that happened to be Arnold’s first cigar or first time smoking weed, but I find it incredibly hard to believe you’ve smoked either in the past and wouldn’t know. Those maths don’t add up. Everybody knows the only way you accidentally get stoned is with edibles, and then you get REALLY F***ING accidentally stoned.