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Awww: Guy 3-D Prints Head Safety Hoop To Prevent Blind Dog From Running Into Things

Designer Chad Lalande 3-D printed this head safety hoop for his 18-year old blind Pomeranian Sienna to prevent her from running into door frames and walls when she feels like romping around. That is sweet. Some more info from Chad while I activate my at-home dog treat dispenser. “You mean call your girlfriend and ask her to give them some?” Yes I do.

“I just saw a need and went about solving that need,” Lalande told Gizmodo via email.

The only downside is that it works a little too well—she can’t get to her food or water bowl with the safety hoop on, so it needs to be periodically taken off throughout the day, Lalande said.

“Sienna is still getting used to wearing it, but she complains less about it now,” Lalande said. “She’s 18 years old so she may not be around much longer, but if I can make her more comfortable in the time she has, all the better.”

18-years old, damn. I remember when I was 18 — I was just as blind to the world as Sienna here is. Figuratively speaking of course. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind two of these safety hoops for my feet when I venture downstairs for a midnight snack. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve broken my right pinky toe stubbing it on a door frame? Just ask my girlfriend. “I can’t even think about it without almost vomiting.” Now that’s a lot.