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Bugatti Chiron Versus Formula 1 Car In Drag Race

This is a video of a ~$3-million Bugatti Chiron attempting to drag race one of Red Bull’s 2011 RB7 Formula 1 cars. Sure the Bugatti costs $3-million, but the Formula 1 car is one of four built for the 2011 race season with a total budget of $250-million, so it’s even more expensive. Unsurprisingly, the Formula 1 car smokes the Chiron in all three 1/4-mile drag races they do, but does manage to win a rolling-start race to a mile after making up some serious ground tortoise-and-the-hare style. OMG — hare style, LOL. “You’re an idiot.” I’m what parents worry their children will grow up to be.

Keep going for the video, actual racing begins around 4:45.