It belongs in a museum!
Cat Helps Add Artistic Touches To Clay On Pottery Wheel

These are a handful of videos of precious feline Momo helping his human Sophia Renata create art on a pottery wheel. It looks like Sophia creates the basic vessel, then Momo adds his artistic flair (including glazing). A team effort! Would I buy a Sophia/Momo original? Absolutely. As a matter of fact, I refuse to drink out of anything else from now on, and my pee is going to start getting real dark real quick if I can’t get my hands on one.

@feeeuuhh pottery by momo for sale soon #cat ♬ original sound – ꜰɪɪʀᴍᴇᴏʟᴅɪᴇꜱ✩

@feeeuuhh momo makes an abstracted bowl #cat #pottery ♬ Hinoki Wood – Gia Margaret

@feeeuuhh momo’s favorite pieces to make are definitely bowls! #cat #pottery ♬ Yacht Club – MusicBox

@feeeuuhh momo paints a small planter with black slip #cat #pottery ♬ Palmtree Panic Slowed – ssempron