That...sounds questionable.
Finally, A Paintball Firing Security Camera

Because what good is a security camera if it only captures footage of a thief stealing all your stuff, the Paintcam Eve is an autonomous security camera with built-in paintball launcher capable of firing paintballs or UV-ink marking pellets to deter trespassers. The camera can be smartphone controlled, allowing you to make a verbal warning before firing, and the unit will flash a warning red laser at targets. Currently a Kickstarter project, the Eve will be available in three models: the basic Eve ($1,275), the Eve+ ($1,500) which is able to distinguish between people and animals, and the Eve Pro ($1,900) which can distinguish people and animals AND use facial recognition to tell friends from unknowns. Wait — so the most basic model can’t even tell a person from an animal? I’m not sure I’d trust my security to a system that can’t even do that, non-lethal or not. I’ve been sued before, it sucks way more than just paintballs.