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Colorado Auctions Off Weed Themed Vanity License Plates, ‘ISIT420’ Sells For $6,630

Because weed is big business, the very green state of Colorado took the opportunity to raise some money for the Colorado Disability Fund by auctioning off a number of weed themed vanity license plates, including ‘BONG’, ‘GANJA’, ‘GOTWAX’, ‘GREEN’ ‘HASH’, ‘HERB’, ‘HONEY’, ‘INDICA’, ‘SATIVA’, ‘STASH’, ‘TEGRITY’ (a reference to the cannabis farm from South Park) and ‘ISIT420’. Most captured final bids in the several thousands of dollars range, with ‘ISIT420’ selling for a high(!) of $6,630, suggesting somebody’s cannabis-based business in Colorado has proven incredibly lucrative.