Heck yeah let me swing it!
Constructing A Self Contained 4,500ºF Plasma Lightsaber

Because who doesn’t have dreams about wielding a lightsaber (even my girlfriend has nightmares about me swinging one around in the garage), the builders at Hacksmith Industries have created a 4,500ºF plasma torch lightsaber that’s entirely self contained (no external tubes or wires). Granted it’s more of a staff than a saber to allow room for all the fuel, but I’ll allow it. The staff only runs about 3 minutes on a full oxygen and butane supply though, so you better dispatch all the stormtroopers quickly or you’re going to find yourself in a sea of white armor. The Mandalorian might like those odds, but — and I know this probably hurts to hear, you’re no Mandalorian. If you were charged with keeping Grogu safe the series would have ended the first episode.