Howdy, partners. Let's raise and rope broncos.
Cowboy Manages To Lasso Cow Running Down Highway

Because Oklahoma, this is a video of a modern cowboy lassoing a cow that got loose and was running down a busy highway in Oklahoma City. The action was captured by the ABC KOCO Sky 5 helicopter, complete with the camera operator’s commentary: “Get im, get im, get im, get im! Stay on im! Stay on im! Yes! YES! Are you on there? You got im? You got im? You got im? Woohoo — that is awesome! Now, get the– get the hinds! Get the hinds! Alright get off the horse, get off the horse!” What a pro. The cowboy AND the camera operator, and they’ll both undoubtedly have riveting stories to tell at the saloon tonight over warm Budweisers.