Wait so are those Spacely Sprockets or what?
Creating The World’s Longest 1:1 LEGO Gear Train

Daring to dream: some people aren’t afraid to do it. Case in point: this video of the Brick Experiment Channel trying to construct the world’s longest 1:1 LEGO gear train (with first and last gears turning at the same speed), all driven by a single LEGO Power Functions motor. And does he give up when the gears start straining and trying to pull out of their shafts? No, he just adds some more LEGO infrastructure to keep them all in place. So, how many gears does he manage to turn in this train? *counting gears, loses track* Seven rows. Will I do eight this weekend? No, I suppose I’ll let him have his glory…for now. “Can’t afford all the pieces?” They’re so expensive.