You know I love glamping!
Dad Builds Power Wheels Tow-Behind Camper For Daughters

This is an Instagram video of dad Mason Smith (aka thedadsocial) constructing a Power Wheels sized tow-behind camper for his two daughters. Man, that thing looks SWEET. Just needs a mini barbecue for cooking sliders and cocktail weenies.

2 hours, a couple sheets of plywood, a second hand $25 powerwheel that was missing a wheel, a gallon a paint, some RV accessories, and what do you have? A childhood filled with camping memories. I built this camper for my kids over the course of two days, finishing it just a few hours before leaving on our first camping trip of the season. And yes, both my daughters can fully fit inside. Though they probably will never go camping alone, you should have seen them rolling through the camp ground pulling this little trailer, it was incredible.

Great job, now make one big enough for me to tow behind my bike so I can sleep wherever I’m too lazy to pedal back home from. Which, just to be clear, is everywhere. I’m great at getting places, terrible at returning home. “I haven’t seen him in three days.” I’m at the grocery store, honey! The milk has definitely gone bad.

Thanks to my dad, who, along with my mom, are quite the avid campers themselves.