Fire in the hole!
Detonating Grenades Inside A 2-Inch Thick, 1,450-Pound Steel Box

This is a video of the living-the-dreamers behind Youtube channel Beyond The Press detonating homemade grenades inside a 1,450-pound, 2-inch thick steel box they had specially made for the purpose by Speweld. First they detonate a grenade with the hole in the top of the box uncovered, then with a 50kg (110-pound) anvil on top, and lastly with the hole sealed the best that they can without actually welding it closed. The results? The box is completely unharmed. I mean it is constructed of 2-inch thick steel. That would like throwing a grenade at my abs. “You would turn into a fine red mist, you don’t have any abs.” Of course I do, honey, everybody has abs, sometimes you just can’t see them. Remember the time I told you that you could bounce a quarter off my flexed stomach? “Mhmm.” What happened? “It just disappeared into a roll.” It was a magic trick all along!