See? This is how Skynet gets a robot into every house.
Disney Demonstrates Its Free-Walking Animatronic Baby Groot

This is a video from Walt Disney’s Imagineering department of the free-walking animatronic Baby Groot they’ve been developing. The first bit of the video is the progress they’ve made in recent years, but starting at 0:42 you can see it’s current state, which, admittedly, is pretty impressive (although he still wears an overhead safety wire just in case). Between Disney and Boston Dynamics, I’m not sure who’s going to herald the robot apocalypse first. I joke, being the betting man that I am, my money is still on Boston Dynamics. Now, let’s go blow our whole paychecks on lotto scratcher.! Last week I won $500! “But is it really winning if you spent more than $500 to get it?” Please, let’s focus on the positive.