I'm coming for you, Spider-Man!
Drone Follow Footage Of Crazy Green Goblin Style Hoverboard

This is some drone follow footage of the latest iteration of Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru’s Omni Hoverboard, a standup hoverplatform powered by eight propellers generating about 40 horsepower. Catalin’s first prototype set a Guinness World Record for furthest distance traveled on a propeller-based hoverboard, with 275.9m (~905.2-feet). This version looks even more promising, which is a good thing, because 900-feet would barely get me to the end of the street. Catalin is in the process of developing a consumer version of the Omni Hoverboard, and you can sign up at the bottom of the website HERE if you’re interested in dying in a hoverboard related accident. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. Also don’t say I didn’t call first dibs.