Cool cool whenever my dog eats grass she pukes on the carpet later.
Dog Grazes On Grass With Deer Friends

This is a video of Cornelius the dog grazing on grass with his dear deer friends. Some more info about the trio while I wish I had somebody to spend lunch with instead of eating in my car alone, first in the Burger King parking lot, then Taco Bell’s.

Cornelius is a puppy that has been raised with a rescued deer named Deerick. Deerick recently had a fawn of her own named Fawnzie. Now Cornelius thinks he needs to graze with them every once in awhile. The family that grazes together stays together!

So Cornelius was raised with a rescue deer that got pregnant and had a fawn of her own. Is, uh, is Cornelius the dad? Granted I have no clue how any of this works because when it was time to talk about the birds and bees my dad got sidetracked rambling about bats and hornets, then the meeting was abruptly adjourned with no question and answer session.