Damn Freddy, it's called a toothbrush.
Freddy Krueger Bust Sculpted From Crayons Gets Melted

This is a video of sculptor Steven Richter sculpting a Freddy Krueger bust over a plastic skeleton armature, then melting the whole thing with a heat gun. Like a Snickers when you’re hungry, it was very satisfying. Unlike a Snickers, this video wasn’t 280 calories and 25% my recommended daily allowance of saturated fat. Thank God they don’t print the nutritional info on the little Halloween sized bars, am I right? Because *looking across sea of empty wrappers* we started with four bags two days ago, and unless my girlfriend hid one then I guess I’ve eaten them all. Obviously, there’s no question in my mind if I had to give blood right all the nougat in my veins would clog the needle.

Thanks to hairless, who informed me there’s no way he can watch this video and not think of that no-good Gestapo turd Arnold Ernst Toht getting his face melted off in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. It was the first thing that came to my mind too.