Taste the rainbow.
Yum!: Play-Doh Releases Scented Modeling Compound For Adults

This is the line of Play-Doh ‘Grown-Up Scents’ just released by Hasbro (Amazon product page HERE) to remind adults that we should all take some time out of our hectic schedules to to eat some modeling compound. Available in Overpriced Latte, Spa Day, Mom Jeans, Lord Of The Lawn, Grill Master, and Dad Sneakers varieties, each comes with a little spreading knife for evenly coating toast or crackers. “They’re not for eating.” Whatever, Hasbro just has to say that to cover their own ass. Personally, I can’t wait to taste Grill Master. And, knowing the sort of pervert you are, I assume you’re most excited to try Mom Jeans. “Dad Sneakers.” Oh you’re a freaky freak!

Keep going for a closeup of each because they exist.

Thanks to my buddy Closet Nerd, who agrees it’s our civic duty to rank these by smell and taste once we can get our hands on some.