Quick, red shell him!
Guy Builds Functional Mario Kart Hovercraft Out Of Cardboard

This is a video of gamer and cardboard expert Dan Creator’s quest to build a Mario Kart 8 inspired hovercraft out of cardboard — one he can actually ride around in. And he does it! Sweet, sweet victory. The finished product uses two Ryobi blowers to create a cushion of air underneath two pool floats, creating just enough lift to hover. Of course the unit is corded to avoid having the extra weight of on-board batteries, so you can only Kart as far as your cord is long. My cord? My cord is like three feet. I’m talking about– “Your penis?” God no, my phone charger. Why do they make these things so short, I can’t even use my phone in bed when it’s charging.

Keep going for the video, but skip to around 12:20 for the finished product and testing.