Oh man, just imagine if they'd had a Nintendo Power Glove instead.
Guy Flips The 1,400 Page Iron Man Vs. Thanos Flipbook He Spent 736 Hours Drawing

This is a video of artist and flipbook maker dP Art Drawing (aka Trương) stop-motion flipping the incredible 1,400 page Iron Man versus Thanos flipbook he drew — the longest he’s ever made, spending over 736 hours on the project (some of which is seen in the video). According to him, “There were the days I worked more than 10 hours and until 2:00 in the morning every day.” Holy smokes! Did he have to walk uphill to school both ways too? “In the snow.” A blizzard, and right past wampa caves! I only joke because I’m jealous and untalented, an absolutely mind-blowing job.