Oh man, I'm great at both falling AND yelling.
Gymnasts Practice Their Falling And Yelling

Note: Volume on but not crazy on.

This is a short, perfect video of some freerunners/traceurs(parkourers)/gymnasts practicing their falling and yelling, because those are important skills if you ever plan on scoring a perfect 10 from me at the Olympics. I’ve also seen the video posted on social media described as ‘whenever my son plays in the house,’ which I imagine is accurate, particularly if it was my mom who said it. Hey you think the chandelier in the dining room can support my weight?


Location: @motivemovement In Greenville, SC #foryou #fyp #scream #screaming #perfectlycutscream #funny #comedy #meme With: @roland.shenannigans

♬ original sound – Bob Reese