Heck yeah, add a 2-liter of LEGO Dew and I'll eat it all.
Mmmm, My Two Favorites: Cooking A LEGO Pizza In Stop-Motion

This is an impressive stop-motion/ASMR video of the preparation and baking of a LEGO pizza, as created by Youtuber Bebop using 2,890 individual photos. As far as stop-motion LEGO videos go, this is a great example. Although prior to watching the video I assumed those circular white pieces on top were sliced mozzarella but they’re not — they’re onion. Did you just gasp as hard as I did? I already knew what I was going to say and I still gasped. And, if we’re being completely honest, my gum fell out rolled off my keyboard onto the floor and I just tossed it right back in the ol’ piehole like a disgusting monster. The truth is out!