Oh that's Boba alright, I'd recognize that antenna anywhere.
It Was Only A Matter Of Time: A Boba Fett Helmet Fire Pit

With a renewed interest in interstellar bounty hunters thanks to The Mandalorian (not that it had ever waned that much to begin with), this is the Boba Fett helmet fire pit constructed and sold by Etsy shop Burned By Design. The pit measures approximately 16″ x 17″ x 31″ and is perfect for roasting marshmallows on a cold, Hoth night before crawling inside a tauntaun and calling it a night. They cost $680 though, making it significantly cheaper to just set a neighbor’s shed on fire. PROTIP: have a reasonable explanation rehearsed to tell the detectives why you already had a rotisserie set up.

Keep going for a couple closeups.