Italian Man Fulfills Dream Of Living A Hobbit Lifestyle

Seen here definitely looking the part, this is a video highlighting Italian pastry chef Nicolas Gentile, who is actively fulfilling his dream of living a Hobbit lifestyle in his hometown of Abruzzo, east of Rome. Nicolas is currently in the process of building his own Shire, complete with Hobbit holes inspired by the ones in the movies. To promote his project, he and a group of adventurers traveled some 250km (~155-miles) on foot to reach the peak of Mount Vesuvius, where he threw the One Ring into the volcano (seen in the video starting at 3:55). That’s cool. He also threw a birthday party for Bilbo Baggins, with some 400 other Italian Hobbits attending. For reference, that’s 400 more Hobbits than attended my last birthday party. “Humans too.” Honey! “What?” Why didn’t you come?!