The same woman just robbed four banks simultaneously!
Japanese Artist Selling Hyperrealistic Full-Face Masks Of Other People’s Faces

In other realistic face mask news, Japanese artist and mask maker Shuhei Okawara is selling hyperrealistic face masks of his own and other people’s faces (links to his online store). While he never says his intention is to stick it to Big Brother, he does confirm the masks have been used successfully in the past to breach facial recognition systems. Okawara started his ‘That Face’ project last year selling a 105% version of his own face for ~$743, recently buying the rights to other Tokyo residents’ likenesses for as little as $383, and selling 3-D printed hard copies of their faces for $934. He refuses to go into any more detail of how exactly the masks are made though, mentioning, “the details of the process are a trade secret.” So, is Okawara actually the Happy Mask Salesman from The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask? I have my doubts, but my convictions far outweigh them so yes this is definitely him. Obviously *phone beeps, reads text message* wait — what does my girlfriend mean ‘Does he make a Jason Statham model?’

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