They do have a point about the horses deserving medals.
Kevin Hart And Snoop Dogg Provide Olympic Commentary

Because NBC wants to remind you it’s spent a lot of time and money developing its Peacock streaming app and you should totally use it, this is a clip from Peacock’s Olympic Highlights With Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg of the duo providing commentary for clips chosen by their producers that they haven’t seen before. Highlights include some synchronized diving, then a lot of equestrian discussion. Honestly, I forgot there were even equestrian events in the Olympics because how would the horses get there? SPOILER:Apparently aboard Emirates flights. That’s nuts. But what if Emirates doesn’t fly to your nearest airport, then what — do you have to try flying with your horse as an emotional support animal? Because one time I sat next to a guy on a flight with an emotional support gator and the only emotion it was supporting was my anxiety.