Oh yeah, that's them alright.
Real Life SpongeBob And Patrick Spotted Hanging Out On Sea Floor

Proving that life imitates art (or life imitates art imitating life), this is shot of a real-life SpongeBob and Patrick hanging out on the seafloor at a depth of around 6,500-feet, as spotted by an unmanned rover exploring the Retriever Seamount off the coast of New England. How about that! You think they’re up to their typical hijinks? In my mind they are. Still– “Not nearly as fun to watch as the cartoon.” Real life sucks!

Keep going for the video (SpongeBob and Patrick at 2:32:10 because I watched the whole 5-hour video), and a shot with cartoon faces added for good measure.

Thanks to Joselyn, who agrees now they just need to find Squidward and Mr. Krabs.