How looooow can you gooooo?
Limboing Under A Champagne Bottle-High Pole With Drink Trays For Usher’s Birthday

Because even Usher has birthdays, this is a video of multiple limbo-related world record holder Shemika Campbell limboing under a pole the height of a champagne bottle (it’s resting on the tops of two champagne bottles) carrying a drink tray in each hand, WITH drinks, to celebrate the singer’s birthday. Holy smokes. And when I say holy smokes I mean HOLY SMOKES, like the cigarettes the Pope smokes with God.

@iamqueenshemika_ It was such a pleasure performing at @Usher Raymond’s birthday party lastnight 🥳🥳🥳 I had a blast #limboqueen #usher #fyp #viral #limbo ♬ original sound – Shemika Campbell

@iamqueenshemika_ Reply to @queentulip44 I’m soooo flattered @Jermaine Dupri Thank you for sharing #limboqueen #usher #viral #birthday #lasvegas #fyp #trinidadandtobago #flexible #talent ♬ original sound – Shemika Campbell