Don't screw up, that's your birthday cake.
Man Performs Double-Flip Sheet Cake Catch

This is a video of a man throwing a large sheet cake in the air, it performing two full flips, and him catching it. He looks like my dentist. Should this be an Olympic sport? Yes. Should I be a judge? Also yes. And if I have to taste every cake afterwards to make sure they aren’t actually made of clay and Styrofoam, well, it’s a job I’m willing to accept. I mean I did eat over two dozen chocolate chip cookies yesterday morning after Santa didn’t show up.

Keep going for the video, first in regular speed, then slow motion.

@garyvonglahn Replying to @ashleyherrikane #crackerbarrel #Gary #boyboss #cakeflip ♬ original sound – Gary Von Glahn

@garyvonglahn ✨Gary Von Glahn✨#cakeflip #crackerbarrel #thelegend #crazy ♬ original sound – Gary Von Glahn

Thanks to JustA, who agrees everybody has a special skill nobody else has. I’m just still waiting to discover mine is all.