Well it sounds like your guitar needs a shoulder to cry on and some ice cream.
Guitarist Performs The Beatles’ ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ On Acoustic Guitar With Slide Guitar Neck Attachment

This is a video of guitarist Luca Stricagnoli covering The Beatles’ ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ on acoustic guitar along with his latest invention, the “reverse slide neck”, attached to the bottom of the instrument. Luca says the slide can easily be attached or removed in a matter of seconds, and opens up new possibilities to playing guitar. That’s cool. You know what would open up even MORE possibilities to playing guitar? If I had eight fingers on each hand, but you don’t see me trying to dig up a recent burial to remove their index, middle and ring fingers, do you? “Well I didn’t SEE you, but your shoes are muddy and there’s a shovel in your car.” Haha, what?! *lowering voice* Hey how are you at sewing?

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  1. JC

    This is very cool, for those that aren’t aware there’s an instrument called “The Stick”(popularized by bassist Tony Levin) that works on similar principles of hammer with one hand and pluck with the other. Here’s another performance of the same piece on the Stick.


  2. Mike W

    He should add a piano keyboard