So much for turning the other cheek.
MMA Fighter Sucker Punches Youtuber Talking About Him During Interview

This is a video of Polish MMA fighter and loose cannon Amadeusz ‘Ferrari’ Roslik sucker punching Youtuber Sadek while Sadek spoke with Monika Laskowska about him during an interview. Apparently Roslik has a history of unsportsmanlike conduct (I’m as shocked as you are) and has been reprimanded it for it in the past. Yet here he is. Also, I’m not sure what tough guy needs to hear this, but sucker punches are for suckers. If I’m going to punch somebody, I’m going to give them fair warning before I do it. Then wind up my arm like Popeye before sending them over the moon. Or completely missing and getting all my teeth scattered across the floor like a broken vase. Either way, at least I was gentleman about it.