Pedal to the metal!
Modded Diesel Truck’s Engine Explodes On Dyno, Raining Parts On Spectators

Because what good is a vehicle if you can’t make it explode for a crowd, this is a video of some guy in a souped-up diesel truck going pedal to the metal on a dyno (dynamometer, used for measuring the torque and RPM of a vehicle) and blowing his engine, producing a toxic rain of metal parts on nearby spectators, including a piston head that lands right next to the guy filming. I like how some other dude comes along with his everyday carry multi-tool and picks it up for closer examination. Oh yeah, that’s a piston alright. Obviously, if this man doesn’t take that piston home and at least try to have sex with it, can he even call himself a gearhead?

Keep going for the explosion from two different angles, the second further away.