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Move Over Yule Log, Here’s An Hour-Long Video Of A 2020 Dumpster Fire

What better way to commemorate the end of 2020 than with a holiday dumpster fire? I can’t think of anything. Well, besides shooting myself out of a cannon, but my girlfriend nixed that idea on account of her loving me and not wanting to see me blown into a thousand fleshy bits because I decided to just eyeball the black powder measurement. This is an hour-long holiday dumpster fire video, which you should gather round with your family and tell stories of all the horrible things that happened this year as we say good riddance to it. 2021 — now that’s going to be our year, am I right? “Twenty bucks says by March that 2021 turns out to just be 2020, the sequel.” It’s like you’ve been there and seen it already.