Now that's someone I wouldn't mind coming to my holiday party.
Natural History Museum’s Animatronic T-Rex Gets A Holiday Sweater

Because nothing says Happy Holidays like a t-rex in a Christmas sweater, the Natural History Museum in London had holiday sweater maker British Christmas Jumpers create this giant sweater for its resident animatronic t-rex. Some more info about the jumper while I request a similar one to show off my muscles:

Director Snahal Patel said the latest design was the company’s biggest job yet and took staff 100 hours to complete.

The jumper is 12 times heavier than a regular jumper and human-sized versions are also available to buy from the museum shop to help fund the venue’s work.

Yeah, but are the ones available in the gift shop aren’t short-armed. These guns aren’t going to impress anyone completely covered in a comfortable cotton/polyester blend! “They aren’t going to impress anyone uncovered either.” Honey! “What?” I was *this close* to opening that pickle jar, you saw it!

Keep going for a full shot in case you were wondering if the t-rex has feet.

Thanks to atheistgirl, who agrees it must suck drawing the short straw to see who has to put the holiday sweaters on the raptors at Jurassic Park.