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Oh Wow: Japan’s 60-Foot Gundam Nears Completion, Takes Test Steps

This is a video captured by Youtuber Michael Overstreet of the 60-foot tall moving Gundam nearing completion at the GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA (links to official page with more info) at Yamashita Pier in Yokohama, Japan. The video captures engineers testing some of Gundam’s various movements, including taking steps. Due to the coronavirus, the grand opening of the Gundam Experience was pushed back from this month (July) to October, when visitors will finally be able to see the giant mecha up close and personal. And while the robot will move, it’s attached to a giant harness that makes it all possible (read: it’s not free-standing). But is that going to stop me from hijacking the mecha and rampaging around like Godzilla?! No, my conscious is. But okay really only because it can’t move on its own.

Thanks again to my dad, who agrees it’s nice to see some people are still trying to make 2020 feel like the future we thought it would be.

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  1. Laurent Vaillancourt

    Back, back in time, (1976) a remake of King Kong was made. They generated all manner of hype and buzz for a full-size animatronic robot Kong. That giant toy saw about 3.4 seconds of screen time and was as underwhelming as this thing here today.

  2. nik

    Pretty slow though, considering the footage already is spead up.

    1. Virgil Grin

      any progress towards irl Gundams is good progress

  3. Steve Spivey

    There’s no way a Japanese company is going to use Korean music.

  4. Deksam

    You know it’s inaugural walk song will be by Psy.

    1. Steve Spivey

      There’s no way a Japanese company is going to use Korean music for their presentation.

      1. Deksam

        They ain’t going to whoop em any gangnam style with that attitude.