Cool now go back in time and make my last bike lock out of it.
Researchers Develop New ‘Uncuttable’ Material

This is a video demonstration of an angle grinder attempting to cut through Proteus, a new material developed by researchers in Germany and the U.K. that prevents itself from being cut by using the vibrations of embedded ceramic microspheres to cause damage to the cutting tool (full paper HERE). Some more info while I speculate if this is actually what Adamantium is:

Inspired by naturally occurring examples like grapefruit skin or the mother of pearl lining of seashells, the researchers embedded tiny spheres of alumina ceramic between a layer of aluminum foam at the core and a layer of steel alloy on the outside.

When an angle grinder or water jet cutter hits the ceramic microspheres in the Proteus material, the “attack” is thwarted by strong vibrations or simply dispersal of the stream of water. “The angle grinder achieved only a partial incision and subsequently experienced high wear,” the scientists explain, meaning the angle grinder wore out and dulled before it did meaningful damage.

Dullness, then, increases the vibration reactivity. “Interestingly, the vibrational mechanism was equally effective against the power drill, where the geometry of the drill bits differed significantly from the flat, cutting discs of angle grinders,” they continue.

So, what CAN cut through this material? “Lasers.” Exactly. Also, explosions. “Explosions don’t really cut though.” Tomayto, tomahto. You know, I’ve been wondering for some time, but this Proteus must be what my abs are actually made of. *girlfriend laughing hysterically* She must be watching a funny TikTok video.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees prior to the invention of Proteus, there were very few problems a good angle grinder couldn’t solve.