Not bad, but can you keep my kitchen smelling lemony fresh?
Oh Wow: Mr. Clean Backflips Off Swing Set Into His Pants

Who puts their pants on two legs at a time? Mr. Clean apparently. Well, with the help of a swing set and two assistants, which has to make for a rather awkward morning routine, particularly if Mr. Clean doesn’t own his own playground. These are three videos of professional stuntman Zoli Berencsi flipping into his pants from a swing set, from gymnastic rings, and off a short retaining wall. In the first two videos he’s dressed as Mr. Clean, in the third video I’m pretty he’s just himself or a cleaning product mascot I don’t recognize. And what’s up with that crazy butt scoot dance he does after a successful pant-flip? That’s wild. That’s also exactly what my dog does whenever she has a dingleberry.